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Uploading Images in WordPress

Uploading Images in WordPress #

A. Through the Media Library #

  1. Access the WordPress Dashboard:
    • Navigate to your WordPress website’s login page, often located at https://yourdomainname.com/wp-admin.
    • Enter your administrator username and password.
    • Click on “Log In”.
  2. Go to the Media Library:
    • On the left-hand menu of the Dashboard, click on “Media”.
    • Click on “Add New”.
  3. Upload Your Image:
    • Drag and drop your image(s) into the dotted box where it says “Drop files to upload” or click on “Select Files” to choose a file from your computer.
    • WordPress will automatically begin uploading the image(s).
  4. Edit Image Details (Optional):
    • After uploading, click on the image in the Media Library.
    • A popup will appear showing the image’s details. Here you can edit the title, caption, alt text, and description if needed.

B. Directly from a Post or Page Editor #

  1. Open the Post or Page Editor:
    • If you want to create a new post or page, click on “Posts” or “Pages” from the left-hand menu and then click “Add New”.
    • If you’re editing an existing post or page, simply click on its title in the list.
  2. Insert an Image:
    • Click on the location in the editor where you want the image to appear.
    • Click on the “Add Media” button above the editor.
  3. Upload or Select Your Image:
    • To upload a new image, click on the “Upload Files” tab and drag and drop your image or click “Select Files”.
    • To use an image that’s already in your Media Library, simply click on it from the list under the “Media Library” tab.
  4. Set Image Details:
    • On the right side, you can set the alignment, link settings, and size for your image.
    • Make sure to fill out the “Alt Text” field for accessibility and SEO purposes.
  5. Insert the Image:
    • Click on the “Insert into post” or “Insert into page” button.
  6. Save or Publish Your Post/Page:
    • Click on “Publish” (for new posts/pages) or “Update” (for existing ones) to save your changes.

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