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With programs like Apple Mail, you can send and receive emails on your computer without having to access Webmail.

In this article, we’ll show you how to set up your IONOS email account in Apple Mail under macOS with SSL encryption enabled.

Quick Start Guide #

If you have not yet set up an email account in Apple Mail: #
  • Open Mail. The Choose a Mail Account Provider window opens.

  • Select Other Mail account… and click continue.
If you have already set up an email account in Apple Mail: #
  • Open Mail and click Mail > Add Account ... on the menu bar.

  • Select Other Mail Account ….

Use the following settings/information to set up your email account:

NameThe name displayed on outgoing emails
Email addressThe full email address you want to set up in Apple Mail. For example: email@example.com
UsernameThe email address you used above. For example: email@example.com
PasswordThe password you have set for your email address.
Account TypeIMAP
Server for incoming emailsimap.ionos.co.uk
IMAP port, SSL enabled993
Server for outgoing emailssmtp.ionos.co.uk
SMTP port, SSL enabled587

Creating an Email Address in Apple Mail #

  • Open Apple Mail and click Mail > Add Account… on the menu bar.
  • Select the Other mail account... option and click Continue.
  • Enter your nameIONOS email address, and password and click Log In. (If you have lost the password to your email account, you can set a new password).
  • Under Username, enter your email address again.
  • Select the desired account type. You can choose between the account types IMAP or POP3. We recommend using the default IMAP setting.

    • If you have set the account type to IMAP, enter imap.ionos.co.uk in the Server for incoming email field.
    • If you have set the account type to POP3, enter pop.ionos.co.uk in the Server for incoming email field.
  • In the Outgoing mail server field, enter smtp.ionos.co.uk and click Log in.Please note: If the message Account name/Password could not be verified is displayed, please check your entries for completeness/accuracy.
  • Select the apps you want to use with your account and click Done.

Enabling SSL Encryption #

  • On the Mail menu bar, click Mail > Settings.
  • Click Accounts > Server Settings tab.

  • Under Incoming email server (IMAP) or Incoming email server (POP3), disable the Manage connection settings automatically option.

  • Enter the following port number:

    • If you have set the account type to IMAP, enter the port number 993 in the Incoming Mail Server (IMAP) > Port field.
    • If you have set the account type to POP3, enter the port number 995 in the Incoming Mail Server (POP3) > Port field.Please note: The TLS/SSL setting allows your emails to be transmitted using SSL encryption as well.
  • In the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) section, disable the Manage connection settings automatically option.

  • Enter the port number 587 in the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) > Port field.

  • Click Save.

Specifying the Path Prefix for IMAP #

To tell Apple Mail the location of your IONOS mailboxes on the IMAP server:

Up to macOS El Capitan 10.11:

  • Open the Mail app on your Mac.
  • Click Mail > Accounts.
  • Select the desired email account in the left sidebar.
  • Click on the More Options button. A new window opens.
  • Enter the value INBOX in the field Path prefix and finish your entry with OK.

From macOS Sierra 10.12 and later:

  • Open the Mail app on your Mac.
  • Click on Mail > Settings > Accounts tab > Server Settings tab.
  • Click the Advanced IMAP Settings button in the Incoming Email Service (IMAP) field.
  • Enter the value INBOX in the IMAP path prefix field and finish your entry with OK.

Setting Default Mailboxes in the Mail App #

Apple Mail uses six default mailboxes in an email account: InboxSpamSentDraftsArchive, and Trash. Use the mailbox behavior settings to control which mailboxes and where – on the mail server or locally – are used for this purpose.

If you use an IMAP mailbox on a mail server, you can access it from any device on which you have set up the email account. If you are using a local mailbox, you can only access it on this machine.

To manage the default mailboxes for versions up to macOS El Capitan 10.11

  • Open the Mail app on your Mac.
  • Highlight the Inbox.
  • Select Mailbox > New Mailbox from the menu bar and create a mailbox for SpamSentDraftsArchive, and Trash.
  • Select one of the mailboxes you just created.
  • Use Mailbox > Use this Mailbox as to assign the appropriate function.
  • Repeat step 5 for all mailboxes created in step 3.

To manage the default mailboxes for versions macOS Sierra 10.12 and later:

  • Open the Mail app on your Mac.
  • Click Mail > Settings > Accounts tab > Mailbox Behavior tab.
  • Select the desired email account in the left sidebar.
  • Use the list boxes to set the desired destination mailbox.Optional: For Spam and Deleted Mails, change the period after which the folder contents are deleted.

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