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Creation Crew Center for phpVMS 7

Revolutionising Virtual Airline Management

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All-in-One Solution for Virtual Airlines

The Creation Crew Center is a next-generation platform tailored to virtual airlines’ needs, built on a robust phpVMS core. Gone are the days of crafting each design from scratch; now, you get a scalable, efficient, and sustainable solution all in one place.

With a one-time payment and lifetime updates, you get value and peace of mind.
Our system grows with you, catering to virtual airlines of all sizes and requirements.
Our dedicated team is always ready to assist, ensuring your operations run smoothly.
Made for Virtual Airlines

Feature Highlights

Unveiling the Future of Virtual Aviation Management

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Base Theme Set
Base Theme Set
Different layouts, same core. Easy customization to match your virtual airline’s brand, without compromising on functionality. Updates made to the core instantly reflect across all layouts, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of technology.
Lifetime Updates
Lifetime Updates
A one-time payment of £350 ensures you’re set for the future. This includes navigation layout and colour customisation tailored to your brand. Enjoy updates and bug fixes for life, ensuring your crew center remains smooth, efficient, and glitch-free.
Fully Customized SimBrief Integration
Fully Customized SimBrief Integration
Elevate your flight planning process! Creation Crew Center offers a tailored integration with SimBrief, one of the leading flight planning tools. This integration ensures your pilots have the best tools at their fingertips, enhancing their flight experience and operational efficiency.
Integrated with Leading Acars Systems
Integrated with Leading Acars Systems
Seamlessly integrate with vmsACARS and smartCARS 3, ensuring a holistic experience for your crew.
phpVMS Management & Update Service
phpVMS Management & Update Service
Need a hands-off approach? For just £20 per month, let our experts manage and update your phpVMS system.
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Over 20+ Crew Center Layout options to choose from

Choose from a range of Crew Center layout options to match your Virtual Airlines needs.

Meet the Virtual Airlines Using Creation Crew Center

Trusted by many, growing in reputation

Airlink Virtual
SunExpress Virtual
Japan Virtual Airlines
Delta Virtual Airlines
Aerolynx Virtual
Palmetto Virtual Airlines
Noble Aviation
Made by Team Creation

Investment & Value

Unparalleled Features at Competitive Rates

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Full Starter Package

Lifetime Updates
Support for vmsACARS
Support for smartCARS 3
Light/Dark Mode

Current version 2.0

Release date: 07/05/2024
Key: = Update Suggestion | # = Bugfix | ! = NEW FEATURE

Main Theme Framework

  • Removal of all Disposable Modules and Calls !
  • Update to Flight bid button logic –
  • Theme Function Added for Flight Time Conversion !
  • Theme Function Added for Flight Type Display !
  • Theme Function Added for Distance Conversion !
  • Theme Function Added for Units Conversion !
  • Flight type updated with Laravel’s e() function to escape output, preventing XSS attacks !
  • Support for CHFreeFlights Module !
  • Awards in Pilot Profile show date awarded !
  • Awards in Pilot Profile include award images !
  • Dashboard Stats widgets updated with conditional logic and animations !
  • Live map added to dashboard !
    – Additional Fix to widget #
  • Weather Widget Updated layout and animations !
  • Latest Pilots Widget restyled with animations !
  • Flight Search Layout updated !
  • Flight Bid button updated to full button –
  • Flight search is now on a closable panel !
  • Inbound and outbound flight board updated on Airports!


Creation Crew Module

  • Flights map page added!
    – Limited to loading 1000 flights to speed up loading times #
  • Fleet Location map page Added!
    – Additional fix for non flown fleet causing 500 error #
  • Awards Page added!
  • Flight map active bids table added!
  • Fleet Location map table added!
  • WX Radar added! 

Flight map limit applied for Flight Search Extremely Slow Fixed #
Roster board VATSIM, IVAO ID issue in roster Fixed #
Tour/Leg approval messages updated –
Profile settings button update –
Profile flights and assignments height fixed –
PAX load input fix on Simbrief briefing creation –
Flights pop up map added to Airport page –
Password reset form updated !
Registration form update !
Flight Search Form updated !
Create Pirep Form Updated !
Custom Pirep Fields Updated !
Pirep Edit Form updated !
Pirep Fare Fields updated !
Pirep Main Fields updated !
Profile Custom Fields updated !
Profile Edit Updated !
Profile Edit Fields Updated !
DAirlines issue fixed when viewing airline #
Global removal of Height class on widgets #

Implementation of Discord oAuth !
Update to login form !

Dark mode

Discord Widget Text Fix #
Assignments Widget Text Fix #
Hubs Text Fix #
Assignments Text Fix #
Active Flights Widget Text Fix #
Pirep View Flight Log text Fix #
Pirep View Simbrief text Fix #
Tour Widget Permissions fix #
Flight Search and My Bids title fix #
Journal Styled under profile Balance !
Profile Flight reports added and styled !
Pirep details Flight Log, fields and Simbrief Log added to collapse card !
Pilot Roster IVAO & Vatsim Condition logic updated -
Live Map - Fix for flight on click information #
Live Map - Pilot in Command added -
Free Flights - Flight type selection added -
Flights - Update flight type call code #
Flights - Updated flight bid script logic - page auto refresh on adding/removal of bid #
Flights - Flight search inputs styling fixed -
Flights - Flight search button resize -
Flights - Fleet & Flights Maps Buttons added to row and sized to fit -
Flights - Page refreshes on bid placement/removal -
Flights - Flight information page updated -
Flights - Flight data logic hide/show added -
Flights - Return to flight converted to jquery button for routing -
Bids - Flight Type Bug Fixed #
Bids - Page refreshs on bid removal -
Fleet - Sortable Columns added -
DPireps - Styled to match core framework !
DRanks - Styled to match core framework !
DOps Manual - Styled to match core framework !
Assignments - Admin buttons added to widget -
Pilots/Roster - Updated styling to overall design !
Pilots/Roster - Rank Image(s) basic set included !
Dashboard - Discord Widget Update !
Dashboard - Our Flights Widget updated !
Profile - Tour widget condition check added -
Statistics - Hyperlinking for name included -
Airports - Inbound and Outbound flight tables updated -
Hubs - Notes styled -
Hub Pilots Styled -

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