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Understanding Flights and Flight Types in phpVMS 7

1. Introduction to Flights #

In phpVMS, what used to be known as “Schedules” are now called “Flights.” A flight is essentially a planned route from one airport to another, usually managed by a specific airline. Here we will cover what makes up a flight and explain the different types of flights you can create.

2. Components of a Flight #

Every flight in phpVMS includes the following components:
  • Airline: The airline operating the flight.
  • Flight Type: The kind of service the flight provides (e.g., passenger, cargo).
  • Flight Number: A unique identifier for the flight.
  • Flight Code (Optional): An additional code to identify the flight.
  • Flight Leg (Optional): Information on a specific segment of a route.
  • Departure Airport: Where the flight starts.
  • Arrival Airport: Where the flight ends.
  • Subfleets: Groups of aircraft used for this flight.

3. Unique Flight Numbers #

While flight numbers don’t have to be unique, you will run into issues if you try to create or edit a flight with a duplicate number. To get around this, you can provide an additional Flight Code or Flight Leg.

4. Understanding Flight Types #

Flights can have different types based on the service they provide. These types are based on IATA SSIM service codes. Here are the most commonly used ones:
  • A: Additional Cargo/Mail
  • C: Charter for passengers only
  • F: Scheduled flights for cargo and/or mail
  • J: Scheduled flights for regular passenger service
  • P: Positioning Flights (non-revenue like ferrying an empty plane)
Here are some specialized types:
  • E: VIP Flights (usually for government officials)
  • I: Ambulance Flights
  • K: Training Flights
  • M: Mail-Only Service
  • O: Charter requiring special handling (like for migrants)
  • T: Technical Test Flights
  • W: Military Flights
  • X: Technical Stops (not a full flight)

We hope this guide helps you better understand the concept of Flights and Flight Types in phpVMS. If you have more questions, you can refer to the official documentation or contact support.

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