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Important service update

Important service update

Over the last year, we have been working hard to maintain an affordable website design service for our new and present clients. During this time, we have gained a lot of insight and data into how services are operating and how we can improve them.

Knowing how important it is to keep your business online and visible to others, this is why we have made some of the changes below. Our commitment is to keep you online and ranking on search engines, not offline.

We have noted a few points which we have gained insight to, and feel these changes where necessary to further improve our services.

Website Hosting
Over the last year, we have been using services provided by OVH Cloud, however these have been a little troublesome with downtime. We have now partnered with IONOS, who are now providing us with a server. Websites have already started to move over to our new server, so please check your emails as you may have already been moved over!

You can now subscribe to our website hosting servers and pay monthly over 12 months from as little as £3 per month. You can find out more and subscribe on our website at https://creationweb.uk/hosting

As websites come up for renewal, you may receive an invoice in your inbox (or spam). You can either choose to pay the whole year upfront for £36 or you can follow the link above and pay monthly instead.

Email Services
Email services have not been great and we have recognised some frustration some of you have been experiencing with our email servers. Our email servers IP were being marked as spam by other mail servers, this in turn caused emails going missing and being sent to spam.

As we have pointed out in the website hosting section, we have now moved over to IONOS for our hosting services. This in turn means we have also been moving over and migrating email accounts to IONOS services. The new mail servers are provided by IONOS and are 100% delivery approved. This means no more spam folders and no more missing emails.

You will not be charged for any of the above, this is 100% on us.

Knowledge Base
Our website now has a knowledge base which has started to become populated with helpful tips, help and more!

This will help most issues to become resolved quickly, however if you do need us you can contact us no matter the issue.

You can access our knowledge base here – https://creationweb.uk/docs

SEO Reports
Since we started operations, we have been using a plugin to track rankings. However this now has become unreliable and not the most accurate data available. We are now using a new tool, which are not tied to the websites like a plugin. This now is able to track not just Google, but also Bing, Yahoo & Google Maps. Clients on our website management plans have already been receiving these reports in the new format.

Analytics data and search console data has now been included, however this is now changing as we are able to produce these reports within the keyword ranking reports.

Online Payments
Paypal & bank transfer has mainly been our way to receive payments from our clients. This can sometimes become a pain for some, leading to endless battles of filling out more forms.

We are now allowing those of you who wish to do so, to change over your website hosting and website management plans to an automatic monthly subscription via Stripe. If you wish to do this, please contact our team on 02392 982212 or email services@creationweb.uk.

If you are due for renewal, now would be the best time to change over if this is better for you.

Final Summary
We hope these changes will make our services more accessible, aiming to provide you with a better quality of service.

These changes are scheduled to be fully operational by the end of May 2022. Any delays, we will notify our customers via Facebook and email.

I’d like to thank you for reading this letter. We look forward to working together in the near future.

Many thanks

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Chad Donoghue
Director of Creation Web Solutions Ltd
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