EveryAir Virtual
phpVMS Crew Premium
Completed in
2 Weeks

About EveryAir Virtual

EveryAir Virtual was created on the basis that we didnt want to be like everybody else. So in early 2019 EveryAir Virtual was born and has since seen several iterations. The changes we have made have been done to always stay current and up to date.

What the client requested

Everyair Virtual wanted a unique and professional looking website, which was easy to use but also eyecatching.

What we delivered

We designed an easy to use modern website, which provided insite information into the airlines activities. We designed the site around the clients needs, making it fully responsive for all platforms.

The website now displays realtime information on the airline, from flight information to upcoming departures pulled directly from phpVMS. This gives the airline a robust and creative look, with all the information anyone would need when visiting the website.

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